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TV Lightning Damage

Your TV malfunctions after a lightning storm? Can it be repaired? Will it be worth repairing? Does it matter if I had it on a surge protector? These are some of the questions we get after lightning storms in San Antonio.

Lightning damage on a TV is a little more tricky than the common problems we see on TVs. Lightning surges can jump through areas and parts on a circuit board that normally don't get damaged. Often, lightning damage repairs on TVs are either really simple or really difficult, no middle of the road. With that said, the most common problem is just the main fuse blowing. When the main fuse does not blow then damage will occur in another area of the TV's circuit boards. It takes time to find all the damage done by lightning on a circuit board. Sometimes we end up having to replace whole circuirt boards when the damage is too extensive.

The other common problem with lightning damage is loss of signal through the HDMI ports. That is because of power spikes that come through receivers from cable and satellite companies going through the HDMI ports. These sets can be repaired.

The majority of the time TV's damaged by lightning are worth repairing. Often, insurance policies cover the damage. Check with your owner's or renter's insurance provider. As a certified television service center we are qualified to work with your insurance company to get you the best possible service.