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LED TV Repair

LED TV Repair in San Antonio
LED TV Repair in San Antonio

LED TV repair is almost identical to LCD TV repair. They both use an LCD screen. The difference is in the type of lamps used to give it light. LCD TVs use CCFL lamps that run across the screen. LED TVs use LEDs that are placed in a matrix throughout the screen or in a rows along the top or bottom of the screen.

My new Samsung LED TV was only showing half the picture. I thought it was dead. Alamo TV fixed it in one trip...

It was very exciting for us when LED TVs came into the scene. The TVs are lighter and that makes them a little easier to work on. Over all we repair more LED TVs than any other type. The parts on most of the main brands are available and cost less than other types of TVs. Let us repair your LED TV today!