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I Broke The Screen! Broken LCD LED TV Screen

Broken LCD TV
Broken LCD TV

We average around 5 phone calls a day about broken screens. Some people break their TVs while moving them, some have kids that throw something at the screen and break it, and some have fights where somebody intentionally breaks the TV screen. Unfortunately, we've never seen one worth repairing. The screen can't be repaired. Technically, it can be replaced. But usually the screens cost close to the price of the TV. Some screens cost more than the TV.

The TV can't be repaired. We recycle the TVs when the screen is broken. Instead of having it end up in the landfill, we take the TVs apart. Some of the circuit boards we sell online, the rest we pile up for people in the neighborhood that pick up metal. We don't sell them the metal, we just put it out so people can take it in for recycling. In this way someone that is usually retired can go and make some extra money from what would normally end up in the trash.

We pay cash for some TVs that have valuable circuit boards that can still be used after the TV is taken apart. If you have a TV with a broken screen, call or email us with the model number. We'll tell you if it is a model we pay for and how much we would give you for it.

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