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Fast and honest TV repair

No matter how many times it happens, I'm still surprised by how some TV repair shops in San Antonio operate. We had a customer come in on Friday with a 40" Samsung LCD. The TV had sound, but not picture. We called him about 30 minutes later to let him know it was ready and the repair was under $130. He said he lived far so that he would turn around and come back for it immediately.

He was astonished that the TV was really ready. The story he told was one of how businesses should not do business. He first took the TV to a TV repair shop on Huebner because they had no charge to check it. We charge $25 (that fee goes toward the repair). They had it for a month and could not fix it. They could not tell him what they found wrong with it, only that they had not been able to figure it out and needed more time with it.

Tired of waiting and not getting an answer, he picked it up and brought it to us. We had it ready in 30 minutes with what to us is a routine repair. We know this shop and the technicians that have worked there don't have nice things to say about the way it is managed. They have fake google reviews to help get business in. They don't charge to check a TV and you get what you pay for. We hope you have a good experience getting your TV repaired no matter what company you choose.

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