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Plasma TV Repair

Plasma TV Repair in San Antonio
Plasma TV Repair in San Antonio

There is no place in San Antonio that has as much experience with Plasma TV Repair. Plasma TVs are a more difficult to repair than LCD and LED TVs. There are techniques we use to "force on" LCD and LED TVs that help us diagnose problems. Plasma TVs don't have a way to be "forced on." Plasmas are brighter, have deeper blacks, and have better viewing angles. If you have a bright room or outdoor space plasma is the way to go.

My Panasonic plasma was not turning on. Alamo TV had a repair kit to repair it in one trip. Thank you..."

We've seen many plasma TVs damaged by "craigslist techs" that don't know what they are doing. If you don't know what you are doing you can easily damage several circuit boards or even the plasma display panel. Let us take care of your plasma TV.