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LED Replacement on LED TVs

In theory, LEDs are not supposed to last for many years. But with the way they are being used inside TVs, we are seeing them go out in as little as 1-3 years.

On many TVs, the symptom will be that the TV tries to turn on but then shuts right back down. On some TVs, the TV will turn on and have sound, but have no picture. That is because the LEDs behind the screen are not turning on. So the picture is there on the LCD panel, but you can't see it because the LED lamps behind the panel are not on. You can sometimes see the picture by pointing a bright flashlight into the screen and looking for the picture.

If you suspect that your TV has an LED problem, make sure the shop you take it to is capable of replacing LEDs. Its not an easy repair and as far as we know, there are only four technicians in San Antonio changing LEDs. Two of them work here.

Sandra replacing LEDs on a Samsung TV
LED Replacement
Defective LEDs on an LG LED TV
Bad LEDs on a TV