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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you fix TVs?


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How can you give an estimate without checking the TV?

Just like with cars, all the same models typically have the same problems. We look up the model # on our repair database to see if there is a common problem for your TV model that matches the symptoms you are experiencing. There are some problems that we just have no idea what the problem could be without checking it first. About 7 out of 10 problems we see in the shop are common problems.
The estimates are not 100% accurate. But most often we can get a pretty good idea of what the problem could be and give you an idea of the price it might cost. We would still have to check the set to be sure.

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What information do I need to get a phone or email estimate?

We need as much information as possible. The minimum information we need is the TV Make (Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sony, etc.), TV Model Number(should be on the back cover), and the problem it is having.
Other information that can help is Manufacture Date (back cover).

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What is a "bench fee?"

This is the fee we charge to diagnose electronics components. With few exceptions, the most difficult part of TV repair is figuring out what the problem is. We charge a fee for putting the set on our "bench" and troubleshooting it to find out where the issue is and what needs to be done for repair.

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Can a TV be repaired if it has lightning damage?

Yes. Lightning damage is rare but it does happen. Newer TVs seem to be more sensitive to electrical surges during lightning storms. Read more about lightning damage to your TV.

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What TV brands do you repair?

We repair all TV brands. Some TV brands are easier to work on than others. Usually, the more established brands provide service manuals and have parts available for repairs. Some of the newer "no-name" TV brands do not have service manuals and at times do not have parts available.

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The screen on my LED, LCD or Plasma TV is broken. Can that be repaired?

In theory, yes. However, we've never seen one worth repairing after the screen has been broken. See more information about flat panel screen recycling.

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How long does it take to repair a TV?

Most sets can be repaired by the next business day. It may take longer if we have to diagnose an uncommon problem (like problems caused by pests or power surges). The biggest factor in repair time is parts availability. If parts are not found in San Antonio, ground shipping from the most common distributors can take 4-5 business days.
We have over 4,000 different parts in stock making next day repairs common for us.

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