Recycle Broken LCD or Plasma Screen

We get about 20-30 calls every week about broken LCD and Plasma panels. These are some of the common reasons people call up with:

  • Wii remotes flying at the screens
  • TVs get accidentally tipped over at parties
  • Dropped while moving
  • Elbowed it while vacuuming
  • Kid threw a Hot Wheel at it
  • My friend dropped it while wall-mounting it
  • My boyfriend got mad at me and punched it
  • My girlfriend got mad at me and kicked it
  • Got home and the kids said it was like that
  • Kids kicked a ball at it

The sad truth is that we have never seen a Plama Panel or an LCD Panel that is worth replacing. Often a new screen is priced the same or more than the TV's original cost. The only way it will be worth replacing is to find a used TV to salvage the screen from. Try looking on Craigslist or Ebay for a used TV with the same model number as yours. Its a bit of a gamble. We still have not had a successful try from a salvaged set.

$Think Green$

Don't just throw away your broken LCD or Plasma Screen. Reasons to let us recycle it for you:

  1. The sets have Mercury lamps that can do harm to our water supply.
  2. Give work and money to retired folks
  3. Don't contribute to just adding to the landfill
  4. Get some $green$ back in your wallet

What we do

We take the electronics circuit boards to be used for parts on repairs when parts are No Longer Available. We take out the Mercury lamps and store them to be used later.
Once we have a few sets we call "recyclers" (usually retired folk that live in our area) to come pick them up. They take out the metals and take them to the recycling center. The only parts that end up in the trash are the plastics.

How does it work

Bring the set in and we will make you a cash offer. Some sets are worth more than others. Typically we pay $20-$60 depending on the model. If you'd prefer, we can pick it up at no charge. However, we don't pay when we pick them up.