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Mobile TV Repair in San Antonio

One of the questions we receive the most is, do you have a mobile TV repair service, or do you repair TV's in home.
Yes we do.
With some smaller TVs, under 50", it will be much more cost effective for a customer to bring them into the shop. Most newer LED TVs are light enough for one person to easily transport them. But for larger TVs, especially 60" and more, it may be safer for a technician to go repair it in home.
Most of the time, the way it works is the technician will go to your home, check the TV to figure out what the problem is, look up parts and prices, then give you the estimate for the repair. In most cases, we have to order parts and then go back to complete the repair when parts are in. In some cases, the technician is able to repair the set in the initial trip.
There is one repair we cannot perform in the home, bad LEDs. If the LEDs in a TV need to be replaced, the technician will have to arrange to bring the set into the shop for the repair.

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